The Key

The Creator Writings

Some of you have flowed with the new changes wonderfully, others…not so much.  Rest assured that both are

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Below us is the ocean of despair.  A heavy illusion keeps the world in flight to this point, but its makeup is too heavy for a comfortable continuum.  The realization that love is our makeup, frees one to be part of the Universal flow.

We get our wings one at a time, until the Whole of Humanity soars above the sinking chain of delusion.

Like It Is

“Telling it like it is” can be a very ambiguous statement.  We all have different perspectives and although we might agree with a few, most of us would disagree with whatever “it” is that is being presented.

One way of avoiding the trap of antagonism is to simply consider what it is that you may be in disagreement with.  You can put it on a shelf and wait for further clarification.

No problem.