Great Changes

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Are you ready?  All the work you and I have been doing up to this point has been in preparation for great

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Everything ages and that’s a fact.  If there were ever an unchanging fact, that is it.

That’s if of course you don’t count the invisible unknown, like after death.

Take a tree for instance.  When its roots leave the ground, it dies and the aging process ends.  But I digress.  Aging is conscious thing.  We see and feel ourselves going through the process.  Some of us, are drawn to total focus of it, while others do their best to not think of it.  Balance is needed and that is where healthy laughter is advised.

When we come to terms with the process, it does not control us.  We can enjoy our lives from moment to moment regardless.  After all, it boils down to being a choice, and those lasts as long as we have conscious breathe.