Dare to Live Beyond Limitations

Change will not happen by design due to the limitations we impose upon it with our imaginations. The same is true in reverse as to why it will…

Loving Life

Society has taught all of us that many things in our physical reality are “absoluteYou are all energy” and therefore, cannot be changed.  And so without any hesitation or questioning, we accept it as fact and go on our way living a life filled with limitations.

We go along day after day and year after year believing we can’t do certain things and since we can’t do these things, we best not ever think about doing them because that would be so totally wrong and against society’s beliefs.

This type of belief goes against our very foundation of existence and many do not necessarily even give themselves an opportunity to realize that they have
the ability to change and be changed. It is one of the greatest gifts we have been given – it is our birthright – to create, experience, learn, and change.  In fact, nothing in the Universes is static –…

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